[PRE-SALE] USB-PD Breakout

[PRE-SALE] USB-PD Breakout

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Ships in November

This miniature USB Power Delivery breakout provides the cheapest solution for capturing the PD messages without having to splice the cables or solder to the target boards. It exposes the CC1/CC2 lines on easily accessible headers after converting them to 3.3v levels for seamless capture with even the cheapest logic analyzers out there.

This tool does:

  • Provide easy access to 3.3v level shifted CC1/CC2 lines for capturing the PD messages with any logic analyzer.

This tool does NOT:

  • Inject/intercept the PD messages (see our PD Screamer for replaying captured messages);
  • Monitor CC resistors/currents or VBUS voltage.


  • Type-C receptacle;
  • Type-C plug;
  • CC1 and CC2 headers for connection to logic analyzers;